We support startups, small and medium-sized companies in Europe, Middle East and the USA. We maximize value and align the interests of each stakeholder for sustained, long-term success, all while preserving their autonomy.

Access Expertise

Companies get access to top-tier experts across industries and regions, offering cost-efficient expertise and tailored solutions for each unique need.

Enter New Markets

Our experts, based in Europe, the Middle East, and the USA, empower companies to seamlessly enter new markets with localized knowledge and network.

Unlock Fund Raising

Our community includes both private and professional investors. Our private market experts support your company and project in each step of the fundraising process.

Stay Independent

Unlike traditional private equity firms or large consulting companies, 1826 Partners supports every entrepreneur striving for growth while ensuring they remain fully independent.


Entrepreneurs, Experts and Investors create together.


Europe, Middle East, USA.

By bringing together entrepreneurs from diverse countries, cultures, backgrounds, and expertise, we foster best practices, collaboratively optimize growth, and create a business bridge across countries.

Access to the very best across industries.

Our ecosystem unites best-in-class entrepreneurs, former CEOs, and investors from various industries to optimize value together.


Reliable Ally

1826 Partners has proven to be a reliable ally who shares our vision of creating a seamless user interface for automotive consumers. We're delighted to have them onboard.

— Sarfraz Ahmed Khan, MyCaro Co-Founder

Innovation and Excellence

At OldOak Estate, we hold our partnership with 1826 Partners in the highest regard. United by a vision of innovation and excellence in the luxury goods industry, their exceptional expertise and collaborative spirit profoundly enhance our journey and are deeply treasured by our team.

— Seif Matar, OldOak Estate Founder

Expertise and Collaborative Approach

At Fixo, we value our partnership with 1826 Partners, sharing a vision of innovation and excellence in the automotive industry. Their expertise and collaborative approach are highly appreciated by our team.

— Saffy Kamal, Fixo Managing Director

Invaluable Insights and Resources

1826 Partners provided invaluable insights and resources, especially in refining our digital marketing and branding strategies. We are truly grateful for their important contribution to our team.

— Ire George, Benedizione Founder

Inspiring, Respectful, Honest

I found my time with 1826 Partners to be reliable. The team is not only inspiring and respectful, but also honest individuals. We are having a great time interacting with them.

— Ahmed Abdel Moaty, HEDG CEO